3D modeling cad

I have pretty decent knowledge In 3D modeling of years , if I try to learn cad will it be difficult or my knowledge in 3D modeling will come handy

I’m having to learn Autocad for work at the moment. Knowledge of 3d will help in just being familiar with orientation and moving around. But there are a lot of different flavors of CAD. Keep in mind something like autocad is used by a lot of people just as a 2D drawing package.
You also have to get used to the idea of Solids modeling with nurbs and splines instead of polygons. Also in CAD the order in which you do things is important. You can’t just grab something and rotate it. You have to type the rotate command, select the object, select the base point of the rotation, reference the base point of the angle, select the end point etc etc etc. It’s a bit daunting at first. may check out some free programs like Moment of Inspiration. If you can take a AutoCAD class. It nevers hurts to have it on your resume.

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