3D Modeling Contract with DITTO.com - Immediate work needed!


My name is Ryan and I am from a start-up called DITTO (www.ditto.com). We are an e-commerce site that sells glasses and have proprietary virtual fitting technology that allows customers to create a “DITTO”, our name for a video of their face from their webcam, to virtually try on glasses to see if they actually fit before they buy them from us. We are based in San Francisco. Nice to meet you!

We are looking for studios and/or individuals that would be able to take on a large amount of 3D modeling tasks when we add products to our site. We currently have a backlog of products needing digitization, and no doubt will have much work in the future.

Must use Blender proficiently. Must be able to rapidly mesh and materialize 3D models when contracted.

If this is something that you might be interested in, please contact me, and we’ll setup a call to learn more about your background, discuss pricing/timing and and give you a chance to ask questions about our process and team.


[email protected]

hello I’ve send you a PM

Hi Ryan. This sounds like something I would be very interested in, and will send you a PM shortly.

Incidentally, your signature link doesn’t lead anywhere for me (although that might be because I don’t have Office programs installed on this machine).

I would do this… but I think what you really want is a 3d scanner… :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM.

We’d love to serve your modeling needs, we’re passionate about 3D and animation, we have great modelers, and so we’d gladly work with you, check our work at www.estudiopintamonos.cl


Sent you a PM.

PM sent, thank you!

I’d go with BluePrintRandom. 3D scanners are affordable, and very easy to use. I saw one that does not require any prep work either, you just hold it in your hand and wave it around, and get a nice mesh. Way cheaper if you are talking about hundreds of models.

I send you an email.

Don’t know if you had already found someone, but I am also interest in this job. you can see most of the works I had done in my signature

I sent an email.


Hi I am 3d modeler and I would be happy to help you.

We would be pleasure do those large amount of 3D modeling tasks for you,you can check our cases there:http://www.game-silkroad.com/
Or send email for more details:[email protected]