3D modeling, mechanical parts - modeling only


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EDIT: Multiple people contacted me already so please consider this closed.

I have a large project I’m working on, and need some help.

I need someone who works very fast, work is mostly mechanical parts and mostly simple objects but a lot of them. There is about month worth of work for now and payment depends mainly on speed and flexibility.

first batch of objects are some factory robots similar to these:

I will provide some documentation although not very detailed so some things need improvising, also no need for super details and super clean transitions, actually no small fillets and bevels are needed, also modeling only, no uv’s. Just model split in pieces so that it can be animated.

It’s easy work but it needs to be fast, no fancy topology tricks and transitions but also no flipped normals and double vertices etc. boolean all the way as long as the connections are clean etc…

For anyone interested PM me some info about your rates and availability for next 2 months or so.

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Just PMd. :+1:

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speed and commitment are my motto.
email: [email protected]

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PM Sent, thanks.

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