3D Modeling needed for fantasy RPG game (Unpaid)

Hello! My name is Peter Nilsson, and i’m an indie game developer from Sweden. I’m currently working on a 3D fantasy role-playing game in Unity, and i need someone to help out and create the necessary models for the game since i’m terrible at 3D modeling.
The art style i’m looking for is a kind midpoint between high poly and low poly, since i’m going for a sort of cartoonish style.

Below is a list of the kinds of models that might be needed:

  • Characters (Humanoid)
  • Clothing/Armor
  • Creatures (Animals, Monsters etc…)
  • Weapons/Items
  • Buildings
  • Interior objects (Beds, Tables, Cooking Pots, etc…)
  • Exterior objects such as foliage (Trees, Bushes, Plants)

You’d need to be able to create textures for the models, and texture the models as well.

If you’re interested in helping out (even if it’s just with some of the models), feel free to contact me at: [email protected]
Please provide a portfolio with your previous work (or just send me some examples/mockups of the models mentioned above).

Sounds like a lot of work, but if your still working on the project I might be able to help. I will send you a email.

Same as what Shon_Jones said, except if you would plz send me a message and i will provide you with what ever you ask, sry i donot publicly publish my work, ttyl