3D modeling of a head from a pic

I’m making a short animation and looking for someone who can create a 3d character from pic. The character is actually on Ethiopian Birr (Money) it’s a farmer’s kid and has some story to it.
The only reference image I can offer is the bill (money) itself, you have to guess & improvise the rest. Since its meant for animation it had to be modeled to work well with that.
I have attached the pic, I may send you a clear scan later .
Please contact me with you references, how much time it will take you (the faster the better) and how much will you be willing to work for.

Email: [email protected]
skype Id: I_am_ghazali


do you just need the head model, or do you also need it textured and all that?

Also, do you want it to be a caricature or a realisitic representation? - this could greatly affect the potential time it would take to make a model of this nature.

Thank you all for your emails and showing me your interest. I have received lots of offers and I’ll email you all personally.
thank you all again. I’m glad this thing is here.