3d Modeling on the iPhone

I am a programmer by day and a 3d modeling enthusiast by night. However, I have always felt that I don’t really have an artist’s eye. I’ve always felt that what I see on these forums far surpasses anything that I will ever be capable of doing.

I still enjoy modeling, but that feeling of inadequacy is always looming over me. Because of this, last year, I decided to take on a project that is a hybrid of my two passions: programming and 3d modeling. I’ve created a 3d modeling app for the iPhone, named Touch Island. The idea behind it is to make 3d modeling easy for an average person who may have never had any 3d modeling experience before. They can just whip up an island with their finger and render some pictures of it. The app even has a home-grown ray tracer that renders the island with reflective and bump-mapped water.

I also added what I think is an interesting filter inside the app, where you can automatically color your island based on altitudes. So, for instance, say you wanted to have sandy beaches, blended into grass, which then blends into rocky mountains. This filter (hopefully!) makes it really easy to accomplish.

If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know and I’ll send you a promotion code so you can try it for free. I’d be very interested in any feedback I can get from this community.

Here’s a screenshot of an island I created from the app:


That’s really sweet. Reminds me of “From Dust” (there was a topic just down the page…)

Un42n8lE (sorry I had to…) I don’t own an iTouch or iPhone. sob

I would love to try it. I was just recently looking for an app for 3d modelling.

If anyone is interested in trying the app, let me know, and I’ll send you a private message with a promo code so you can try it for free. Any feedback on the app is greatly appreciated!

artistic ability is one thing average.

rebuilding meshes and enjoying 3D modeling is something different.

artistic ability or skill often comes from studying real live and through rebuilding it understanding it.

when the understanding comes maybe also the ability to create comes.

there are a lot of designers which are technicians and technology is the jump board for them to get creative
because it gives meaning to their work.

so dont be so hard on yourself!

You’re my hero, cekuhnen. Just one of those epic people who make the interwebs a good place to chillax.

Id like to give it a try.

I would love to try your app! It looks great.