3d modeling the lazy man's way

Actually its pretty neat. I’ve only read about it, but seems interesting. I’ll play around with it when I get home tonight.

Have a look for yourselves

that looks cool, but you can’t really call it a 3d model, can you? to me it looks like a great way to make backgrounds easily.

WEll that really depends alot on what your picture is of and how much freedom they give you in that fly thru mode. If i take a pic of a fire hydrant…and it lets me rotate around the image 360 degrees side to side, up or down…well thats a 3d model. I wont really know how good this program is until I get home to test it out…or someone here does the testing first.

The pic being used in the demo pics, though would def probably be better served as a background

you would anyway not get a 360 degree model from just one picture, because you newer can guess what the backside of your fire-hydrant or anything else looks like, so this program is best for making things you don’t need 360deg view of…if that makes any sense…

excellent for backgrounds.
this could be a great new tool for game modellers :smiley:
like polarbear said though, once picture will not give you a full model.

No download?

It seems cool - although I’m a bit lazy too in way. I upload meshes from other artists and modify these. (-:

Sounds like a good background tool like others said.

Now if it can combine a bunch of photos in different areas of the same place for a large 3D environment.