3D modeller/animator requested for a game

First of all, did I post this in the right forum, if not an admin should move it, thanks.

Monkey Business is doing a game, we are a group of 3 peoples doing a
sci-fi/action/horror kind of game. I am the director, and I am the one
doing most of the coding. Originally the game was meant to use
ordinary pixel sprite characters, but we figured we wanted 3D instead.

We need a person who can:

  • Model a character
  • Animate that character
  • Skin that character
  • more … stuff like barrels and walls.
    (the characters dont have to be detailed, their size wont be very big anyway)

You can download a very early stage of the engine so far, testing most
of the physic part of the game. Link:
(You might need a dll file, search the net for it and put it
in the same folder as the sbc4.exe file)

To see my portfolio try ‘Unrelenting 2’ a game which I’ve just
released. here is an image from that game: http://www.mb.scorpione.co.uk/unre12.gif
you can download the game at my site.

Note, this is not a paid job! :frowning: Anyone that finds this interesting should add me to their msn messenger: [email protected] and we will talk.

Here is the DLL file for the ones trying the test game: it doesn’t work without this file.

I think I’d like to join.

I’ll add you to my Trillian

Thats great. I did accept you at messenger, however my list is too big so I cant confirm that you are on it … I’ve lost you in a way. Just give me a message when you are on. And do you have anything to show me? Your web page appears to be down.

Are you sure trillian supports msn messenger? I havnt seen you online even once. contact me by mail if you or someone else are still interested

[email protected]>