3D modeller - Steam Punk interior stylist for Unity to android (Oculus Go) project integration


(Yolngu) #1

Hi there
I’m looking for a 3d designer/environment modeller for steam punk style interior for integration into a 3d UNITY project. The design concept is for the upper level light room of a lighthouse to become a portal that will display interactive 3d assets and link to other 360 worlds - somewhat like a ‘tardis’. The job would involve the conceptual design and modelling of the upper interior room of the lighthouse . The concept will be refined to suit the project/budget. The job could be restricted to the modelling and texturing of the interior space, or extend to include additional object modelling and interactive design. Really depends on the person selected. Will supply more details when have a short list.

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I’m actually modeling Steampunk stuff. I would be interested working with you.

Here are three things I modeled (not all yet finished):


(Salicio) #3

PM has been sent, Thank you.

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Hi Marc
Apologies for the delayed response. I missed the thread. I like your lamp and table design. Perhaps I could incorporate these…? At the moment I am requiring some museum like display cabinets - cabinets of curiosity. Let me know if your interested and we can look at the details. The job is in very tight turn-around…so would need to confirm a time line for delivery. Thanks K

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I sent you pm

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Hi my name is Carlos i am interested in this job.


email: [email protected]


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Hello ,
My name is kamel Altohamy(3d developer-Animator)
since 2010, i have done alot of projects including (Arch Viz-3d enviornments-game assests creation-animated chaarcters-3d products).

i’m using blender ad cycles in my workflow. i have used 3ds-max for some time,but now working only in blender 3d as it’s free and opensource.

My Work: