3D Modellers for sci-fi game


Me and a couple of friends have started creating a sci-fi game. Four of the five of us have previous experience working in indie games, so we know the ropes fairly well by now, enough to know asking for volunteers makes us look like 12 years olds with over-ambitious dreams of making a massive AAA game. We, however, are a little bit more practical than this; we’re seeking to create a game that’s similar to size and basic gameplay to KOTOR (it’s a 10 year old game, we’re at a point where indie games can reach that quality). I’m a 3D Modeller myself, however me and one of the programmers have taken it upon ourselves to write the story for the game, so we’re looking for another 3D Modeller or two to ease my workload.

We don’t really have anything in the way of a budget, but we’ll be happy to pay you whenever we have the money to spare.


What kind of models do you need?

Hard-surface and soft-surface. e.g. Characters, weapons, armour, vehicles, locations, fauna and flora, etc.

Please note: The positions have been filled. However, now we’re in need of concept artists. Our concept artist left the team because of university, and the position remains unfilled.