#3d modelling from Photo references (possible photogrammetry)

(Yolngu) #1

I am needing some help in creating a 3D head / bust model. I’m running up against a timeline for a university research project. I have a series of good stills of model taken on DSLR. I have a small budget. For someone experienced this is not a big job. I would like it to look something like my avatar which I made with an ARTEC EVA scanner and Blender. Ultimately I want to use both head/busts in a UNITY project. Appreciate your comments and/or references.

(Josip Kladaric) #2

I have experience in 3D reconstruction, send me images and we can get started.

(Thijs Linssen) #3

Hi Yolngu,

I have some experience with photogrammetry.
Made some bread assets with it:

I can help you with this. Sadly i cant see your avatar… ?
Let me know in a pm if you want my help and we can discuss the options.

(cristiano23) #4

I am interested. Here is my porfolio: https://www.facebook.com/cristianoartworks/

(XanderMan) #5

I am also interested in your project. Here’s my portfolio: http://alexanderkane.net/characters.html