3D modells to homepage, flash or java


I want to use my 3D models and show them on my web page and let the user be able to rotate them. I want to use Blender models of course. Is it possible and how do you do it. Open Source or freeware program is what I prefer.


Try 3DNP: http://www.thoro.de/page/3dnp-introduction-en. As the name suggest: no plugin needed, only Javascript.


For 3D rotation, I like 3DNP, link below:


This is a javascript script that takes a series of rendered images and makes a rotateable 3D image of them. It directly supports Blender and since no flash is required it will run on virtually any modern browser.

Eventually most of the major browsers will support WEBGL and when they do directly support 3d opengl models but at the moment only some browsers support that so 3DNP is a better stop gap solution.

Thanks! I will try this!


The Papervision 3D flash library could be an option if you’re a coder. See this thread for info.

Hi wilnix,

I achieved something like this in flash by rendering out a 360 degree camera rotation around my model as Jpegs, importing it to my timeline and using a fairly simple piece of action script to control playback of the timeline in both forward and reverse. Take a look at the result here - http://wallacemarino.webs.com/hangbud.htm , if this looks like what you need then give me a shout and i’ll help you out.
This works very well as long as you keep your frame rate and image size down, if you want a very large high-res animation then you would have to look towards a different solution because you might end up with some very large flash files.

Hope this helps.

Niko, the lead developper of the Irrlicht engine just has released Coppercube. That sounds like something you want to try. Export your models with irrbhttp://code.google.com/p/tubras/wiki/irrb and process them with Irredit and Coppercube.
Free for 30 days and no programming skills necessary. For complex scenes, where you can´t use the fantastic 3DNP anymore, this looks like the way to go. I admit, i could not try it myself yet, but Niko´s stuff (like Thoro´s) is always good. So you might want to give it a try.

HI again.

Any one that have got any free flash script for doing 360 turn on a picture?
I have found script, but they are all for sale and not for free.


These are good for home design but i think Maya is also of the good thing where you can make 3D model of the house.