3D models

Where can download good 3D models for Blender2.6

Can you tell me??? Thank you

Try http://www.blendswap.com/
You have to register for downloads.

Cheers, mib.

Where can I find






3D models

Can I say??

Hoho, cost me 10 sec.

Sorry! 2.6 to open up and how only the lines??
I need a complete module! Help me ~ ~

Dude, slow down and watch some newbie tutorials - you obviously don’t know how to use Blender very well.

He wants to do in two days what you need at least two years…
I bet 1 thousand dollars this guy leaves 3D in just 3 weeks.

if he does he does but as long as we welcome new people and help them understand how much work goes into it then i can rest easy that as a community we havent let them down :slight_smile:

Those who are willing to put in effort commensurate with their goals deserve help. Those who can’t be bothered to find the ‘Z’ key and ask for an entire scene to be made for them haven’t earned help, I’m sorry to say. Everyone’s time is worth something, it’s disrespectful to post (multiple times), and ask for people to spend their time explaining something that could be found on google in less than 5 minutes, especially when it’s obvious that the person asking for help hasn’t bothered to help themselves to learn a single thing about the task at hand.

I’m all for helping newbies get started, pointing them to tutorials, model resources, and so on. I don’t particularly care for people who have an urgent need for something, but no apparent desire to learn how to do it themselves.