3D Motion Graphics Partners and Help Wanted

Specifically, we’re seeking 3D animators (with beginner to intermediate skills) who share our curiosity for our subject matter: psychology and systems design. We have some money to hire contractors initially - to help us develop a demo and processes - but our vision is to create a platform studio cooperative with member artists operating as entrepreneurs.

Please don’t waste our time if you’re just looking for a job or fast, easy money.

We are creating a new style of video production and a new form of organization to do the work and share it. The objective is to assemble 3D digital artists, along with writers, producers, systems designers and others, into a new marketplace of psycho technologies. In light of the global crises and challenges facing humans now, we think it’s critical that we collaborate and share resources to explore new ways of innovating techniques for changing minds and thus our common future.

There will be little to no modelling or character development - just flying cameras and objects (motion graphics). While we don’t care much about your gun or car models we do prize artists with motion design choreography skills working with rhythm and music. We will teach you the basics and we’ll share our very simple template and rig to get you started. Also bonus points for artists with nice-to-have Python and workflow process management experience.

You can see examples of our project at https://clarionwave.com and learn a little about me. Please take a look at the video tests I’ve been creating and let me know if you want to learn more.

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