3D motion tracking a dolly into a green screen photo frame that should reflect another video

Hey Blender community,

First of all. You are clearly a lovely bunch. I just dove into making my Donut, as guided by Andrew’s great tutorial series, and was delighted at what I learned.

I decided I am going to see how I can apply Blender to a more “practical” purpose.

Not too long ago I made a short film which featured some VFX. I managed, with a lot of effort and help from others, to find a solution using Fusion.

I thought it would be a good exercise to see if I could create my VFX again, better, in Blender.

So here is the clean shot:

Here is the result I got using Fusion in Da Vinci Resolve, using VFX footage made for me kindly by Matthew Gardocki for a generous “indie” rate.

What I think this is missing is accurate use of 3D space, accurate reflections, and a good glossy texture on the picture frame.

I was doing my best to give this another go in Blender, inspired by David F. Sandberg’s almost identical effect in his short film.

I would give you the link but as a new user that is forbidden, so instead search: “The Making of a 14 Second Film”
(gets into it at 1:27)

I failed miserably. I can’t get the camera tracking right. I can’t get the image on the plane right. I can’t get a glossy shader on my image plane. I can’t get it to blend with “screen”.

If anybody is willing and able to guide me through this, I would be very grateful. I’m hoping this will teach me a lot.