3D Motion Tracking

Is there any way to do 3D motion tracking and compositing in blender? If there is, can you point me towards a tutorial?

There is.

You’ll need the ‘Tomato’ builds from Graphicall.org

Then look at some of these videos http://vimeo.com/sebastiankoenig/videos

The tools and interface may have changed a little bit since these videos were made, but it’s still relevant enough to get you up and running.

Excellent thanks!

http://vimeo.com/29092279 Do you understand those Logic notes he is using? My mind assploded…

hahahahah yes i do understand them…maybe you should spend more time in the compositor, or take a few of andrew prices tutorials, and you will become familiar with nodes in the least///

he explains what the nodes are for and how they work whenever he uses them (which is every tutorial) so its a good idea

he is located at blenderguru.com

Nodes really simple when you understand the concept of what a node is.

A node is basically something which does a calculation of an input, and passes that out to another node or a viewer.

So when you see a large complex node set-up, it may look daunting, but in reality it’s basically just a bunch of very simple operations that are joined to form a bigger global operation.

Have a browse at the various node types in Blender, and see what each one does, or atleast the most used types of nodes.

Things like RGB curves, alpha over, mix, blur etcetera are very common nodes, and they are also very easy to grasp at what they do.