3D Motion Tracking

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this. Anyway, I have filmed myself with markers all over my body and tracked the points. I linked all the empties to tracks and then created a skeleton to match my markers. I used copy location on the center bones, and then on all of the children as well as the center bones I used stretch to (the next marker point). This was suitable for 2D motion tracking. Now I have two camera angles to give all 3 dimensions. Currently my character is animated for a few seconds in two dimensions. I’m running into problems trying to figure out how to take motion tracked data from the real life “xz” plane that blender thinks is the “xy” plane. Is there a way to tell it to change all of an object’s “x” coordinates in z coordinates? Basically I just need some way of applying automated depth from my second camera angle and I seem to only be able to extract X or Y data from them. Right now my character (as expected) moves quite nicely from a front angle, but I need the depth my second camera could bring me. I’m just wondering if there’s something I’m overlooking in constraints that I could apply to the other motion tracked data to change x or y to z. Or if there’s a way in bone constraints I could set one of my bone’s Z components to be the X or Y components of my second angle of motion tracked data. I’m not sure if I explained myself very well, but thanks for reading.