3d mouse popup not appearing with latest 10.7 3dxWare pilot for the SpaceMouse Enterprise

Hi, I “mind control” the camera in blender with the space mouse to work way faster, but I just updated the 3dxWare driver to 10.7 and the “menu” button is not opening this window on blender anymore:

I searched in blender what could this window be called, or opened, hoping to find a command that I could link in the SpaceMouse button settings so it opens again with the menu button, but no luck I can’t find what is this popup, where it comes from in blneder, how it was called by the space mouse button hotkey settings.
It’s a bit of a pain because to adjust my 3d travel speed I need to focus on a object the of the proper size now, instead of just tweaking this popup speed settings.

Thanks for anyone that would know about how to make this popup above appear.

(And I totally recommend getting a spacemouse, accelerate workflow more than a better gpu can, for a lower price hehe.)

In the space mouse settings this is what is triggered, it hasn’t changed with the pilot update, but it’s just not triggering the 3d mouse/NDOF popup anymore in blender, if I knew how to open it anyother way I could set a hotkey in both blender and the pilot to open it again I guess:
(menu button: Application usage)

Aaah found it, in hotkeys, type 3d mouse, and then replace the “menu” hotkey by a random key on the keyboard, and assign that key to the menu button in 3DxWare button settings, now you can call the popup again with 10.7 pilot version:

I assigned ² key on my keyboard to this menu (displayed " in blender here above as i have a french keybaord.