3D Mouse problems

I’m hoping more work is done on the 3D Mouse options. Right now it’s not working well at all. I can only pan in/out and rotate, no left/right or up/down. Spin and Roll also work the oposite way that I would like, Supposedly you can correct this with the Panel button but first, I get 2 menus that pop up here.


I can make the white one go away if I click the task bar, but the when I try too click anything on the black one the menu simply disappears. Sometimes i only get the white one. I also found the NDOF settings in the Preferences to be very confusing. Finally, blender ignores the settings in the 3DConnexion Properties panel. This is with a Spacepilot and the latest 3DX drivers, downloaded yesterday. Also blender 2.59.0.

i can get rid of the white panel if i hit the panel button on my spacepilot twice
but i also miss the pan up and down, or fly around in model space to go to a certain point to pick

I find the SpaceNavigator almost useless as it is now. The rotation works great and the panning works great while holding down shift, but why can’t I pan and rotate at the same time? It completely ruins the point of this device. Sure, fly mode works, but you can’t use that in texture painting or sculpting. Please tell there is a way to have both rotate- and pan-mode activated at the same time :slight_smile: I really feel I wasted my money on this product.

I don’t mean to be rude or anything, I was just a bit disappointed. But hopefully all the awesome programmers will fix this soon! :slight_smile: (Wouldn’t mind if the money I give to the development fund is spent on making the support for the SpaceNavigator awesome ;))

EDIT: About the problem you have with the pop up, if you press the button four times (not the best solution, I know) you will end up with just the black one from Blender.