3D Mouse ( space Navigator ) sampling-rate issue / mismatch

Space Navigator appears to have a sampling-rate issue / un-real-time mismatch with Blender.

Blender responds quickly to SN inputs, and keeps responding long after the user has let go of the mouse completely.

This causes perceptual/temporal skew and mismatch between what a user thinks he/she is controlling and what is really happening, which is evident as Blender continues to play out 3D locator actions after the user has quit interacting with the mouse. There appears to be no setting to adjust Blenders mouse sampling rate more coarsely, so it won’t ‘get behind’ in trying to keep rendering too-fine temporal increments of future-past scenes which accumulate to be some seconds distant from wall-clock time.

A workaround of only moving the mouse in tiny amounts for short periods of time and letting go of it completely for intervals so Blender can catch up is somewhat interactively frustrating. The degree of the time-mismatch appears platform and OS -dependent; ie. this problem is not manifest on my MBP under Snow Leopard with 2.69, but apparently 2.73 under Mountain Lion on the same laptop runs imperceptibly a bit slower. This is not a problem with any except the 3D mouse locator.

Note also the sampling-overrun behavior seems happens pathologically at times, and not at other times. I’m using the Space Navigator in conjunction with a Bamboo trackpad, an Apple Magic (bluetooth wireless) mouse, and the MacBook Pro trackpad all at the same time. It’s amazing either OSX or Blender is able to handle all these locators at once. The trackpad I can’t ‘turn off’ so at a minimum on my MBP there are at least two locator devices. And whatever is causing the ‘runaway’ 3D mouse, doesn’t seem to happen under 2.69 under Snow Leopard.