3D Movie Character models for an investor pitch


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Since I haven’t gotten anyone interested in helping me in the volunteer section, I’ve decided to move this to the paid section. Everything is still the same on what I’m looking for we will discuss payment after reviewing your portfolio and deciding on terms. My artist has made the first two characters so this will be ready come the first of the year. I’m looking for people in the blender community because I’m somewhat familiar with it. If anyone knows where I can find some people interested in doing this please, point me to the proper places. I love referrals too. I do hope to hear some of you soon. While this ad is up, I’m still looking for talent. And with that, the description of the work………

Hi to all checking this out. I’m an owner of a small animation studio that is putting into development a pitch for investors to look at. I currently have a cartoonist I’m working with that is developing characters in 2D that will subsequently need to be made into 3D models and rigged for use. I’m hoping to get 2-6 Blenderists to help me out with that. After the models and rigging is done I’ll be looking for a seasoned artist to work with on the actual moving of the scene in the pitch.

I will have 6 characters that will need to be modeled. 5 humans and one insect. I’m looking for artists confident in their skills. If you are interested in working on animation in a studio please get ahold of me. There is A-list Hollywood talent that is interested in this project so if the investors pick it up, there will be a very recognizable and current talent attached. If the movie is picked up I’ll be needing paid talent and the people working with me on this initial part will be given first opportunity. Amount of time for the work is dependent on your skills.

This may sound completely crazy to some of you but I want to challenge the big animation studios. If you’re up for the challenge and excited for the possibilities, let’s talk soon. And yes it is cheesy but here is a quote from one of those studios.

“You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dreams a reality.”-- Walt Disney

If this is in the wrong category please let me know so I can change it over. Thank you

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Hello, do you have email that i can send my portfolio to?

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The email is [email protected]

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My profile is at www.3dartistved.weebly.com and you can contact me on [email protected]. Thanx