3d movie done by one person

hi all,

while checking out i found out http://killerbeanforever.com checkout the trailer. it looks promising & it’s done by one guy.


I have not seen the movie, but the character on the page is looking impressive. Very encouragous work.
My dram plan is also something like that. One man or One Family Movie company. All in Blender, Gimp ?? hope for the best.

I couldn’t get on the site . . . maybe I’ll try later

I just found this and was going to post it here, but looks like i got beat to it. The original Killer Bean short was pretty good. The movie version looks a lot better.

Terrance Walker also made a couple of feature length CG films, but they were done with cel shading and looked a LOT like 2d. www.studioartfx.com
He does everything himself, tho, all the voices and junk. So they look great, but kinda don’t sound that great.

Wow, that looks amazing! Have a look at this too: http://www.rustboy.com/