3D movie,s

hi every one
i have a serous problem that i want to solve
so i had an offer to make a short animation, movie,s for a locale cinema in my country, the range is like 10 to 20 min type mostly horror or comedy horror
the thing is thy demand it on 3d, i mean it,s a 3d cinema not 3d animation, but 3D movie ,
so i searched google about how to make a 3D scene with blender and i never found anything so her,s what i need
is it possible to make a 3d movie with blender?
how can i do it if it,s true?
will it take me more time to render it in 3D than normal render,s ?
and what is the alternative?
thank you for your time

google for stereoscopic rendering in blender you will find a lot of info

now blender comes also with a default stereo camera

cool sorry for the lat replay and the only stereo camera i found is on the game engine where is this one your talking about ? :slight_smile:

under the scene tab enable “views” and then you can adjust the stereo settings for the camera (the camera object itself)

i cant find any views under the scene tap, i am sorry for this , but if you could make a steps screen shoots for it? it,l be more like awesome

Look under render layers settings not scene.

w i can see , i really dont know how to thank you this is so much helpfull from you guys
another question
, when i do this my render wont be good anymore for normal view right, i mean it,l be more like if the color,s are not in there place,s