3D Object Convertor - Over 300 Formats

F.Y.I. - Very powerful utility… :smiley:

Zoltan Karpati from Hungary has written a 3D Object Convertor for Windows. He says it supports 300 file formats. Get your copy now as it is free for 30 days and then 40 Euros after.



Looks good (I do like the idea that 40 euros buys you all future upgrades).

It might be a little bit cheeky to claim that Blender is supported though! According to his “supported formats” document, Blender uses “.OBJ” files…

It says it supports POB which is the new binary POV format. I don’t know of any other convertors, ( at least that I have been able to get running ) that can claim that.

Ok, if somebody can tell me how I can convert “.blend” file by this convertor?

I don’t think it’s worth it if it says Blender uses .obj %|

Well it doesn’t say Blender uses OBJ, it says:

Blender’s Videoscape 3D dialect | OBJ

Which would be the format Blender saves when you do Export->Videoscape

That could be usefull if someone wants to make mod(usually done with Max/Maya) models…just find an obj exporter then import to Max/Maya format…

BTW, Accutrans, while is shareware -you should buy it- is not limited in days or use. And support a load of formats, and has several very advanced features like batch conversion-editing :


and here there’s a converter, that is, an old version of Deep Exploration, that was called long ago 3d Exploration.Initially , was a non limited in anyway beta or shareware.


BTW, any mod I have been at, the guys -often with some help- can export as OBJ, and you can use ideasman script, or anyother to import.

practically everything can export as OBJ, (milkshape, used in mods, supports obj very well. Max has a free installable plugin, in maya is native, XSI supports import export, any one.)

And you can use crossroads 3d (put that in google), too, though a bit limited compared to all mentioned.

he rpeats the formats alot. as in he seems to take lets say .obj format and say obj. for blender, obj for lightwave, obj for maya, obj for whatever, obj for (add your favorite here) are all different formats and are counted as seperate in the 400, maybe im wrong though…