3D object Dimensions converted into pixels for photoshop image

I have a shape of a cube in Photoshop which is 140 x 140 pixels on a 500 x 500 canvas. In blender I also have a resolution to render 500 x 500. But how can I get my 3D cube to match the 140 x 140 pixels to match the Photoshop cube?

Thank you.

Set up the grid and guides in PS to match your grid in Blender. So, for example, every grid box in PS is 10 = 10cm on Blender grid.

You could also create an orthographic camera with 500x500 resolution so that your camera view is 1:1 exact match of your PS canvas.

Hi Danny , thanks for your reply.

I’m not too good with these conversions, could you please post a screenshot of a demonstration?

Thank you.

Sorry, not at computer at the moment. Your conversion can be 1 pixel = 1cm.

Turn on the grid in PS and just set the grid spacing to 10, so your grid boxes will be 10cm2 = 10cm on blender grid.