3D:Old Lady

this is my last work, created for the contest in polish cg vortal max3d.pl
Software: Blender, Photoshop,Fusion .
Rendering: Blender Internal+V-ray

High-res-------->>> http://www.sendspace.pl/file/wQzyOAqA/


Very nice! Not a huge fan of the lady’s face, but all around great image! Love the background scene too! Good luck int the competition!

nice work i especialy like the t.v for some reason i find it catching my eye it looks really cool

I really like the lighting in this, the way it comes from the window and is cast on various objects. The peeling wallpaper looks good to. This raises many questions for me, like what the photos on the table are about. The face looks a little weird though - why are her eyes shut? Still, great render and good luck in the contest!

Nice stuff… with a nostalgic feel.

Sory i forgot paste the history it is a little bit stupid but you know any reason is gut to make what’s in 3D :
I know that many things should be better ,but You know how it is ,next time ,and thanks for comments .
Sry for my English, cheers.

The woman who wasn’t understood by the society, mentally ill, whose only friend was her TV. Some day the TV switched off. First moment she thought it was some kind of play, that in a moment she would hear his voice again but the TV broke down.
The woman felt despair and emptiness, overdosed drugs and left this world.

well that’s a cheery thought for the day. :frowning:

a lot of work for sure in this, as you say yourself, many inperfecies, but generally well done.
comments - the face is too flat(you can see on the mouth that it looks flat- like 2d, not curving to back)
shadows could be darker.
It’s quite visible that there’s no real anatomy under the cloth, it’s just a smooth piece of mesh.
otherwise really good one.

Great composition and texturing. But I think you could do some more bump mapping on the face and shirt (or scuplt).

Thank’s for replys ,shirt is a displacement map (image from my real shirt ) scan and treatment in PS .I use too, blender cloth simulator to make curtains and kerchief on “Old Lady”
Tha main pass is from V-ray and light strip too ,Ao pass ,color pass ,hair from blender internal ,some effects are from fusion and the final composition done in PS .
Organic modelling at this time isn’t my strong side ,“Old Lady” is one of my first organic models (first finished) ,one more time thanks ,cheers!