3d or 2d face? And how to get it a face?

Something like this maybe?

Though it loosk very scary…
I think I’d like 2d face… You know… japanese smiley style :smiley:
Like this: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-hdHE31nYWtA/WzyqJdy06TI/AAAAAAAADb8/vbCoi1RFr6UCsk8Sglt9x5_ruIOjEvR3wCHMYCw/s0/chrome_2018-07-04_13-06-10.png

How would I do this? I will take rendering images out of it. No video. I will make some faces in GIMP and then just place them somehow in blender.
But how to place it without deleting all poly faces… the 2d face should be placed ontop

The example looks like the face is modeled.

You could use a curve for the face panel and that way you could cut holes in it for the eyes, mouth, cheeks… that way you could get a nice bevel.

Maybe even make the face in inkscape and import.

If you don’t need to animate this, then you could make a face image in gimp that has a transparent background and texture a plane using that image (the import images as planes addon makes this easy). You could then snap this plane to the surface of your model. Subdivide the plane and use the shrinkwrap modifier to make it stick to a curved surface if you need to.