3D paint software.

completely free.

You can export ur model as a obj or 3ds and take it to tattoo and paint onto it. yes directily onto the 3D model. Great tool.

not exactly

not that I have any commercial use for such a program at the moment, I’m curious if I would have to buy the product after I paint something which ends up being used in a commercial situation, but at the time I was not involved with anything commercial. [in reality, people probably will not care…]

z3r0 d , chances as are…It’s comercial use, after all.

Perhaps u’d better buy a license once a stuff made by u is sold and brought money to you…
Anyway, if u effectively earn money with something done with it, what would be then 40$…? :wink:

I purchased long ago Deep Paint3d, as I could do so, and I’m very happy. But seems this tiny thing is functional enough…

Sorry if I don’t see the reply later…

I wish Blender had 3D paint features (not just vertex painting…) so people wouldn’t have to go looking for commercial apps.

Ok then my next question is this. After you paint the model in tattoo. How do you get the textures back into blender for use in say the game engine. Or is it one way only?

Blender does have a 3D paint feature. Its alright for some applications, like game textures, but its very underpowered. Some effort has been made in the Tuhopuu tree to add some new features. New features won’t change one of the underlying problems which is speed. The paint tool works fine for textures no larger than 512x512. After that it really slows down. Also the other major problem is that a lot of “smearing” happens when painting across polygon edges in the 3D window. I hope someday someone takes some time to do a serious revamping of the 3D paint tool.


I think you are talking about the texture paint mode. I just discovered that last week. Its not that slow on my computer which is really underpowered. I hardly ever use textures greater the 512X512 so its nice to have a tool with which I can directly draw a texture on a model.

What would be really nice would be if blender has something like the Gimp’s clone too. In which you could select a 3d picture the select a spot on the picture then draw that area on to the 3d model.

OFF topic. How do we suggest such things for the next version of bf-blender?

yeah that Tuhopuu build is nice, the smear and blur are good.
But the speed is a big issue for me, with the smear you can create displacement maps with a great deal more control, but if you use 512X512 on a displacement map you end up with the displacement picking up the edges of the pixels… hence the need to use bigger images then the slowdown makes it painfull to use.

I have a blend that I can paint direct on the model and only press F12 to get the full displaced image, but i can’t remember what setting I used? autoupdates imagefill and reloads in texture chanel …

there’s another way older tool, called graffitti, free for profesional projects. Also for windows only like Tatoo.

tatoo is way mor epowerful, so, if you’re about doing non comercial projects, I’d say, go for Tattoo…

Ok I tired this on a Win98 machine with an ATI All-in-wonderPro 128 Graphics card. I left clicked to paint on an export blender character I made(exported to .obj) Well it told me first that i could not load the model. Then I exported again but changed the file name to just two letters. I was Claudia12.obj I changed it to CL.obj. After that it imported into tattoo. Then I picted a color and tried to paint on the model. Nothing happend I just got a bunch or red specks floatin around the model like flies???

I tried it and it seemed to work fine for me. Although it was just a cube.

Maybe I should test it on a more complex model.

Just a thought, did you have UV coords assigned to your mesh before you exported?

I would suggest trying the sample model that comes with Tatoo before trying to import anything. That should tell you if everything is working right in the first place. I really liked the tool, although I haven’t had any uses for it yet.