3d papercraft of variety of animals, bipeds, quadrupeds, avians, etc.

hello, i am looking for a variety of animal 3d model, preferably well posed,
low polygons ready for papercraft statue. Texture and painted is an extra, and i buy bundles of this.
You are free to look for it anywhere but they all have to have uniform polycount, around 500-1500 tris.

What i need are:
-Humans / bipeds, variety of builds, tall short, male female.
-Quadrupeds, canine, felines, bears, etcs.
-Avians : owl, eagle
-Aquatics : fishes and etc

Additionally, trees and plants, are a plus, anything that are organic or synthetics but not huge pain in the ass to assemble.
Let me know in the comments for your offer in bundles, what are the animals you can offer, your prices, Here.
I prefer to pay per delivery and with paypal.

Sending you a PM