3D "pen"

Quite an interesting idea, a “pen” that can draw in 3 dimensions…

It works by melting a plastic wire as its fed through the pen (much like the low end/home made 3d printers) then as its extruded through the nib it is cooled by a fan leaving the ink in what ever shape you make.

I’ve used something similar when I was in primary school about 25 years ago ^^

Add in properties like insulating…
Heat conductive
Fipel -(glowing plastic energized by magnetic or electric fields)

then you could “Draw” devices!!!

I remember that there was a children’s story known as Harold and the Purple Crayon (which I never got to read), where a little boy drew 3D objects.

This is kind-of like that story come to life, though I do wish they would also come out with a 3D marker, as it’s somewhat difficult and a lot of work to flood-fill an area by hand using a pen.

This thing, at the least, looks to be a bit better than the moving cat ears they showed at CES, but they seemed to be focusing their business on merging cutting edge tech with the art of having fun, and who can’t appreciate them for that?

a glue gun could be used as an alternitive

You could probably use a glue gun to get a lot of the results, but you probably won’t be able to get the fine detail as you would with the pen.