3D piano roll video

I made this a while ago but I’m posting it here now so I can link to it in a support forum where it might be off-topic to post directly.

Comments are still welcome.

MIDI data was recorded while I played, and I found a python script online to generate primitive meshes by reading a .mid file. Each note is a 4-sectioned cylinder with its length, location and material determined by note values read from the .mid file.

Camera motion was perhaps the most challenging, since at some times I wanted free control of it and at other times I wanted it to follow a circular path, and the transitions made for some wacky IPO jumps and pulling out some trigonometry to manually put the camera in positions that match the followed position in a previous frame, etc.

I initially attempted to line up the notes with the actual piano keys in the video that appears near the middle, but gave up and decided to just let it be a subtle background to be watched or ignored at will.

Being a pianist myself, I apprectiate this in a different sort of way. Well done, and original.

I really enjoyed that! Love the patterns formed by certain progressions.

If I may ask, how did you get the note boxes to take the color of the sliding progress bar? It looks almost like reflection but it’s only when the bar passes the note, and I can’t figure out how you did it.

I used two textured spotlights coming in at 45 degrees above from either side, moving along with the bar. The texture makes the light black up to the bar, then brightest right at the bar, then fade to black behind it.

I initially wanted to do something fancy with particles to make the notes glow and/or emit sparks right when the bar passes through them, but that turned out to be a bit advanced for me.