3D plants on subscription?

Hi everyone,

I´m wondering what you would think of a subscription based online library for 3D plants, similar to poliigon, megascans, textures . com or others, but specifically made for vegetation.

You would be able to filter and search by type, color, environment, season, size, age and geographic region. We currently have a library of about 700 3D plants for blender, pretty good quality I´d say, which we´re planning to release on subscription soon.

Before going public, I´d like to find out if we´re priced right and if the concept is something that could work or if we´re on the wrong track.

The library would currently be without a plugin / addon, but simple to download and use.

If you like the idea, what would be a price that you consider fair (e.g. xx plants for xx $) ?

Thanks in advance,

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Without knowing the quality of the plants is really hard to say.

But let’s take 3D Shaker’s vegetation as baseline, the quality of their models are amazing and the price tag is no more than $8 per plant.

The idea is somewhat interesting as long as there is the possibility to pay one month and not billed whole year, for freelancers that might need few species it could be ideal to have a limited amount of model to download if they choose to pay for one month only.

Another factor is to know how many new models you are planing on releasing (per month or bimonthly) for example.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! And yes, every feedback helps.

Currently we´re thinking of 19 € per month (freelance commercial license) for 10 plants, which would be 1,90 € per plant. Since we think that it´s easier to have a standard price for all plants (no matter if it´s a complex tree or a simple grass) it would be the same low price for every model.

And yes, we´re planning to offer monthly subscription as well as yearly with a discount. No credit packs planned at the moment though, since subscriptions can be combined, added, cancelled flexibly.

Regarding growth we want to try adding around 100 new plants per month, so we can reach 1.000 plants by the end of the year. All with properly scanned PBR textures and realistic looking.

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I kind of the idea of having a fixed price per model, although for example for small plants (grass, moss, etc), maybe you could bundle like 3 or 4 variations of each species so we the clients see an added value if we decide to download one of them.
For the subscription price tag that you are planing I think it is ok for the freelance commercial license as myself.


While I’m not really qualified to judge the demand for these kind of things (arch-viz and such is not my cup of tea), from an outside perspective, I’ve been already wondering when the market for 3D vegetation assets will be saturated.
Blender-specific alone there are already quite a few such libraries in addon-form alone:

  • ‘Vegetation’ addon
  • ‘Grasswald’ addon
  • ‘GrassBlade’ addon
  • ‘Botaniq’ addon
  • ‘Tree Scapes’ addon
  • ‘Island Scapes’ addon
  • ‘Desert Scapes’ addon
  • ‘Grass Scapes’ addon
  • ‘Vertical Scapes’ addon
  • ‘Jungle Scapes’ addon
  • ‘Sequoia’ addon
  • ‘Real Trees’ addon
  • ‘Real Grass’ addon
  • ‘True Grass’ addon

Out of 191 addons currently listed on Blendermarket that’s over 7% just for vegetation asset addons. How many of those do people need? I don’t know.
Then there’s non-Blender-specific stuff from Megascans to Evermotion, there’s generators from The Grove to Speedtree…

Seems to be a crowded market-niche.

greetings, Kologe

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Hi Kologe,

thanks very much for your feedback! You´re right that the vegetation section is pretty crowded and aside of your listed tools from Blendermarket there are some other companies and developers offering 3D models as well, plus marketplaces like CGTrader or Turbosquid, so there is a lot available indeed. I don´t think that this area is overcrowded though. Demand for high quality 3D vegetation is steady since over 10 years and demand for 3D work is growing as well. The overall 3D animation market has a constant growth rate of almost 15-20% per year (CAGR). Overall my experience is that plants are one of the few asset types that are constantly being bought and needed, which is also confirmed by the high sales numbers on blendermarket for these types of products.

In terms of need for plants, I think that many plants have been created already, especially those more common types. So what is needed from my point of view is better accessibility (which we try to provide with a much better searchable catalog), quality (which we try to provide with high quality PBR scanned textures and materials) and then quantity to provide everything that someone might need, no matter if it´s for archviz, film & vfx, product viz, automotive or games.

Personally I always felt that from the libraries I bought (for $99 - $199 on average), I only used maybe 10% of the included plants, while the other were just catching dust on my harddrive. So, offering a subscription service where you only pay what you need was something I really missed, plus the ability to search plants in a better and more convenient way.

Future will tell of course, wether or not I´m right…

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Hi Martin,

I like the subscription idea like poliigon and hope you have some flexibility for larger team pricing. There are always plants/trees a landscape architect will spec that we don’t have a model for. A repeating exercise we’ve experienced is trying to find the closest thing available to substitute for x shrub/tree. A search function to speed this process up would be a great bonus in my opinion. If we search for a plant/tree you dont have but we get a few similar options in the search result. Another thing we run into is the Architect/landscape architect wanting more/less leaves in a particular tree model or younger/older than the one or two trees we have of a particular type. I think if you could somehow offer these variations within the search so we could download as needed would be great. The good thing about the add-on solutions on blender market is being able to browse through the library and drop trees into the scene quickly. I think minimizing the amount of setup after downloading a plant would be ideal. For example, on some recent blender format characters I’ve purchased I had to spend time applying rotation, sometimes rotating the character first because they were laying on xy plane, applying scale, etc before I can append/link into my scene.

Hi Jose, thank you very much for your reply and interesting feedback! We do have quite a number of variations from our newest plants and trees, from young to old and different sizes. You can test the filter and search on this page, since VIZPLANTS is released now since a few days: https://www.vizplants.com . So I´d very much appreciate if you could provide some feedback and your opinion after trying out what we have so far…
Also, here is a youtube video that introduces VIZPLANTS and explains what we have done differently:


Hi Martin,

I’ll check it out, thank you!