3D Platformer Parody in Progress

This is for an all-around cartoon parody I’m working on (sort of like Drawn Together). One of the characters is Spike Packrat, a 90s game hero with attitude.

This is just a test. Textures aren’t final, and the controls and animations are a bit wonky. I must point out that the low draw distance and small resolution are done on purpose, to help it look like a PS1 game.

Blend File:
SpikeTheGame.blend (10.8 MB)

Executable File (Let me know if it doesn’t work.):

Youtube Video (“Level” music dubbed in.):

More on toon parody:
https://www.facebook.com/david.delaubenfels/media_set?set=a.10156087050995407.1073741829.59445 5406&type=3&pnref=story

Now with better controls and physics, attacking, enemies, collectibles, sound, damage, and an intentionally lengthened loading screen:

Only executable file is available. The forum won’t let me upload the Blend file, for some reason.


  • Tail spin (B) repeatedly to float down in air.
  • Press start to pause.
  • Press Y for HUD (also shows up in pause, and when jewels are collected).
  • Caps represent hit points (brother Mike’s idea). Cap flies off on last hit point. Collect caps to regain health (doesn’t yet show on HUD).
  • Click right stick to recenter camera.
  • Other minor tweaks, such as with hit detection? Am I forgetting anything?

UPDATE (Any more will be in new post. Link will be provided). New features include:

NOTE: As of this update, glitches include:

  • Moving mouse away from menu option, and not being able to use Joystick. Fix by pointing mouse at option.
  • If you pause while attacking, it may not work right. Pressing start a couple of times may undo this, though.
  • When moving with WASD, character’s 180 turn can be sluggish. I think the main box still moves right, though.

If anyone plays the newest version, please comment. Or do I look shady giving download links? I can’t promise I’ll be able to fix every problem people mention, but still…

What?? The HUD doesn’t work?? Here’s the improved, fixed version in its new thread, and please forgive me for uploading something so broken before:

You posted the wrong video url. Here is what you meant to post:

Oops. Guess I rushed this post a bit. Thanks.

Um…does anyone know why I get an error message when I try to upload the newest version of the Blend file? It doesn’t matter if it’s the “quick reply”, or I’m editing the initial post. It just does. I even removed the original Blend file first, and it still didn’t work. Thanks.