3D Platformer Parody, More Progress


There’s a lot of details to 3D platformers I put into this game (many of which were broken, at first), but I have about 9/10 of the groundwork done. And to think, this was meant to be a small piece of promotion for this intended animated comedy:

BLEND FILE (for some reason, I can’t upload it normally):


  • Enter world through toilet (yes, really) by standing on it and pressing X or Enter.
  • Tail-whip enemies (red blocks) with B or left click (or float down from fall).
  • Grab caps to refill health (It’s supposed to add 1 health, but it somehow refills the whole thing).
  • Press Y or R key to show HUD.
  • Press Start or P to pause.
  • Collect some gems to make giant crystal head at goal appear (please excuse the long pause when you collect it, as there are barely any victory animations), make door open that leads to…nothing, currently.

I hope many will try this demo, and comment on it.

NOTE: Audio is out of sync in recording, not in the actual game.