3D Playground

Hi,d like to present my recent animation of playground we had sold last moth.

I have question about FLV exporter, someone might know what the problem is.

Here you can watch simple FLV animations of two different climbing boulders,:

I feel pretty happy with the quality of above videos. The most annoying problem is that I can’t repeat this process again. I mean I can’t export to FLV animation and achieve the same quality. I use exactly the same renders, the same blender 2.49, the same settings, the same resolution, etc, etc., the only difference is that I did videos as below couple days later:

As you can see there is visible effect of pulsing blur, unwanted. I didn’t want to use any blur effects (mblur, motion blur, etc), the point was to achieve maximum sharpness.

I always have this problem. Sometimes I can make nice sharp video in FLV and after just I can’t repeat this process because becoming pulsing blurry or totally blurry.

Any idea where is the problem?