3D plugin

(BMD) #1

Ok, so i have publisher, and a key, but how do you do blender 3d plugin? is there a tutorial of it all?
it seems so cool to show internet things, but how?


(Riskbreaker) #2

First of all, you gotta know some game engine stuff (Logic bricks, animations, sounds…etc) You cant just make key frames on an armature and then expect it to run an animation (or i could be wrong here…)

After you’ve made your (game) blend file in Blender (be it a game or an interactive animation) you’ll need to learn the web page code to embed the blend file (The Publisher Manual document shows the perfect example of the embedding code).

But of course you gotta have the web plugin installed to test your stuff.

Hope that helps

(BMD) #3

thanks. i was clueless, but i have made some really cheap games so i’ll have to try some.