3D Popup Book to UV Image for Physical Popup Book print off and Construction

Hi Guys,

I hope I am posting in the right forum.

I have designed a popup book in blender.

What I am now trying to do now is flatten the planes into a UV image while keeping their portions and scale in order so I can create a template to print off.

Here is an example of a popup chair:

I have been working on it for a while but I cannot seem to get anything to work.

Everything will be going on an A1 sheet of paper at 300 dpi which works out to be a texture of 9933*7016
In theory I could scale everything down to an A4 in blender and then scale up in an image editor like photoshop

I did try and bring in a grid image to try and map and re-position all the uvs correctly. But the image doesn’t show up correctly. If I zoom in I can see the gid, but when I start to zoom out it goes like this:


I just need to find a way to keep the scale and portions so that I can turn the 3D model into a physical book.

The two options I see are:

  1. Export the models to a uv

  2. Import a grid and re position everything flat on that grid

Maybe it due to the high texture I am trying to use. Maybe I should just scale the image quality down in blender?

I will post this here and see if anyone has any tricks, tips, or advice. In the mean time I will take a break and try scaling down the texture size. But I will at some point have to scale up to A1 again for the artwork and printing/construction so its not all pixelated.