3D Portfolio - Animations and Stills

Just a portfolio of animations and 3D stills that I’ve done over the past 6 months or so. Let me know what you think.

Plus one of my beats. Let me know what you think of that too.

I liked the ninja guy jumping around. Don’t know why you’re showing the rig, cos thats kinda distracting. Also the blue box guy pulling the pole from the ground was nicely animated. Keep it up.

Thanks. And I did the rig accidentally. Ha ha.

I’ve always wanted to hire an animator who can only make textureless blobs!

No need for the negative comment, not many companies hire animators to do anything other than animate.

Texturless blob? What are you talking about?

Not bad at all. Some of the jumping motions could use a little more gravitational effects. I know its tough to work with curves, but whenever you have things being influenced by gravity alone (or external forces in general, like jet packs and stuff) you really need to dig into the f-curves to get the quadratic falloff. I like to use empties for reference. The x-y-z location F-curves correspond directly to global coordinates, so it is easy to set up the parabolic motion of falling objects.

karate motions were excellent though

Thanks Daren. And yeah, I’ll work on my physics.