3d PowerTower Interactive Network World

By looking around in the German Forum http://www.blend.polis.de.vu/
I found this most awesome Project:
It a full Interactive World where you can walk around, Look at things and Chat whit the Other Persons that are logged in.
What makes it so amazing is

  • It has a full up and Running Database Where you can register as a User and then always log in whit the same name.
  • You can see the other people logged In, in real time
  • You can Chat whit them
  • You can explore a very Big Location: Its a Tower whit 66 Floors…
  • There are Businesses in this Tower and if you go in to there Office you will be connected whit there Homepage…
    So you can really go shopping in 3D.
  • I was Walking around this Place for something like 3h now and did not even seen a small part of it … Its so big.
    At the moment everything is in German but its pretty easy to use.
    Down load the Programme here
    At the Bottom of this Page you see a link
    DOWNLOAD oder UPDATE ( unterscheidet sich nicht )
    Neueste Version verfügbar seit 28. Februar 2008 - 14:45 Uhr
    This Project is update at a regular base so just re download the File and run the Setup program and it will automatic update all the changes if you already have it installed.
    When you start the Program you get the Options-
    (Ich Möchte mich Registrieren und den 3d Power Tower starten)
    I would like to register and Start the 3d Power Tower
    Then you Type in your Nick Name and Password and select
    (Mändlich) = Male
    (Weiblich) = Female
    and there you go (It will take about 40 Seconds and then you can start to Explore this awesome world…
    (Ich Möchte Mich anmelden und den 3d Power Tower starten)
    I would like to Log In and Start the 3d Power Tower
    Then type in your Registered Nick Name and Password and there you go
    (Ich möchte als Gast den 3d Power Tower starten)
    I would Like to start the 3d Power Tower as a Visitor
    (Ich möchte offline bleiben und den 3d Power Tower starten)
    I would like to stay offline and Start the 3d Power Tower
    (Ich möchte meine Registrierung wieder löschen)
    I would like to delete my registration
    The Buttons
    (Weiter) = Next
    (Zurück) = Back
    (Benden) = Quit

These are the Controls to walk around in the 3D Wold
Keep the left Mouse button pressed and move your Mouse around to look around
Keep the right Mouse button pressed to walk forward
Press middle Mouse button to walk back
Keep the Space-Key Pressed to Walk faster
Q-Key = Zoom
If the Mouse cross is over an other Player you get the Message that you can Press the A-Key to start to Chat.
In the Chat the Buttons
(Senden) = Send
(Beenden) = Quit Chat
Importend Tip in your message press Enter and then press the (Senden) button
Also if you are in front of the Beamer move your Mouse Cross over the Number of the Floor you would like to beam your self to and press the A-Key

So have fun and if you have any Questions just ask

!!! Great News ! !!!
At http://www.3dpowertower.de/download.html I translate the InGame Text so you now can download a English version of 3D Power Tower…The Home Page is still in German but we are working on that…Hope you will enjoy it… and that I will se a lot of you in the Virtual World of 3D Power Tower…Please leave feedback here

Wow, that does sound pretty cool. umm… is it boring? I mean, is kinda just like a reaaaaaaally big 3d chat room? Is this is anyway related to blender? Not trying to hate on it or anything, but just wondering

NO its anything but boring!
Its much more then one Big Chartroom.
Its a Place to meet other Blender People and Display your Artwork.
The Art Work you would Like to display can have a link to your Homepage so that if someone looks at your artwork in the 3D World of PowerTower and likes he can simply be connected whit your homepage with only one click.
This gives this makes it Possible to look at ArtWork from many different People Like in a Museum(1. Floor))
Also you have the Possibility to have a 3D online Store Take a look at my Store in the 3. Floor
Then there are a lot of mini Games coming up where you can compete against the Highscoore of the Other Players (See Racing Track on the 2. Floor)
And there are so many more Possibilities… there are still more then 60 Floors unused at the moment…
Note the Tower is still a WIP but its developing very fast (at least 1 Update per Week - sometime up to 8)
I’m online there most of the Time between 5:30AM and 7:00AM (Swiss Time that’s GMT +1)
You will find me in the 3 Floor in My Shop (Old Jim and Wife)
By the Way the 3 Floor is the new architecture of the Tower and when its finish it will replace the Ground floor (Lobby)

Aaaaa the old Doc! Where have you been buddy? We miss you!

Thank you VERY much for the info & work Jim. Sadly, most of us don’t speak German, so its very hard to dig onto Blendpolis.

Old Doc?
Yes I know that not everybody is speaking German… That’s why I help to Translate the 3DPowerTower so that English speaking people can Enjoy it too…
The In Game Text is already all in English… The Webpage is coming soon.
For now go to http://www.3dpowertower.de/download.html at the bottom of the page you will find the English version…
Hope to see you in the Tower soon…

Yep, Doc Holiday :wink:

About the tower i already downloaded and installed it, thankx.

The Twin Towers idea for the logo is just great!
I remember that when the towers came down i was studing architecture. I had a Japanese girlfriend at the time, and guess what? She speaks German fluently…

Dude what a crazy freaking awesome world!
:spin: :slight_smile:

Ok I of cores know how Doc Holiday is… But I’m not Doc Holiday or OldDoc - I’m OldJim from the WSAG Project www.wsag.ch.vu
So why are you greeting Doc Holiday?
Well as far as I know Doc Holiday helped writing some Python Scripts for 3DPowerTower (The Big Displays)
But the ProjectLeader from 3DPT is Dieter1a…
Sorry for being a bit confused…
I will translate and let the ProjectLeader know that you like his Idea from the Logo…
Since you have downloaded The Tower I hope to see you there soon… When In online and where you will find me you can read in the Post#4 of this treat…
And yea you’re absolute Right we live in a crazy freaking awesome world!

Because you linked the thread to Blendpolis, and it wake up a lot of memories to me (the old, granny, granpha and idiot Thorgal).

Thank you for all your efforts, and please congratulate all the team members (including you here).

Okay now I start to understand… I guess we both are some what Old… :slight_smile:
And of course I will concratulate all of the Team from you…

See you around
Old Jim

Whoa! This that is a Huge work here - all the architecture, it took me like half an hour to explore all. And of course technical part - how the floors work, programming etc.

The German language part was a challenge to me, but i have learned it in school before…

Sad i haven’t met any player online yet

note, the download link on the english DL page is down. The English link on the German page isn’t though

I will report the bad download link…
good that you like it… I’m online there most of the Time between 5:30AM and 7:00AM (Swiss Time that’s GMT +1) so if you want to mee me… and I hope the population will multiplay itself fast and we soon will always have a lot of players online…

Download link should work now an all pages…