3D Print company in San Francisco Bay Area seeking 3D talent

Hi there,

We are (currently) the only dedicated retail 3D printing company in Northern California, and although we tout 3D printing as one of the things we do, a huge part of that is 3D design.

We are looking for talented 3D artists who can fulfill these roles:

-paid-per-hour 3D design, based on customer’s requirements
-design with an eye for 3D printability (sometimes)
-ability to effectively teach classes on Blender and communicate this complex program to non-technical people
-understand a bit about 3D scanning and point cloud manipulation (we will teach you how to use the scanners)
-be in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a preference to East Bay (since we will be getting in physical objects from clients that you may need to both scan and 3D model / modify, we REQUIRE someone in the SF Bay Area)
-ability to manage other technical people we bring on in the future (we are opening other locations)

…since we are a small business, communication on ongoing projects is KEY, and so we are looking for someone who understands that communication is key to our customers being happy, and therefore communicating on the progress of work, timing, etc. is very important to us.

Right now, the work is paid-per-hour, with probably 15-20 hours per week, but as we grow we would look to bring those we hire now on full time. Please send resume / portfolio and per hour requirements. Thanks!


see my work and if you like contact me
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Hi there, i have a lot of experience in 3d modeling for 3d printing and fixing 3d scans for 3d printing, with various softs, and i also teach the basics of Blender for 3d printing in a Fab Lab in Buenos Aires Argentina. You can send me an email at [email protected] and visit some little web portfolio in http://bankit0.blogspot.com.ar/ and http://sketchfab.com/bankito/recent and http://www.flickr.com/photos/estebanbarreiro/ i work here in Argentina making models for 3d printing, fixing 3d scans, etc…and…i know, i dont live where you want but we have internet :wink: anyway good luck!!! Best wishes for you all!

Hi, I am a 3D artist with 6 years experience in Blender and have studied 3D printing extensively at Huntington University where I have managed the 3D printing and 3D scanning shop for more than a year. My responsibilities in this area include fixing submitted 3D models for printability, creating 3D prints from students’ models, scanning sculpted characters, repairing and optimizing 3D scans, researching related topics to improve the equipment and processes employed by the department, creating documentation and a workflow for printing 3D models, and training students to use 3D printers.

I’m providing my LinkedIn account where you can see further information, and you can view my website where I discuss 3D printing and other CG-related topics below. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-stringham/34/70b/193/ References are available upon request.

I hope that my experience in this field, and my drive to continually learn more will satisfy your requirements and qualifications. I will be available beginning in late February or mid-March. I do no live in the Bay Area, but am willing to relocate as needed.