3D print that can hold liquid

Hello everyone,

I have a question about 3D printing with the addon nuts and bolts. My model is meant to hold liquid. Can I use the screws and bolts system in Blender to make the top of a bottle with lid? Will it hold water without leaking?
The 3D print is for making a silicone mold later on. (For a resin project)
The bottle itself will be egg shaped and I want to fill it with glitter water.


There are some problematic experiences with nuts and bolds about the precision while 3D-printing them according fitting… so it might better to add some area for a sealing ring or so…
If you also want to use this again to make a mold of silicon… (… oh wait… no… it’s a resin project… ?? ) then there are also differences in regards to the material feature /properties of that material and the fitting and sealing abilities…
If this again is used to make the actual bottle… (i think my brain hurts…)

Jokes aside: you may elaborate this or think about a gasket.

Sorry for the late response! I tought that no one responded.

A bit of a dilemma. With a gasket I have to use a different material. I’m now looking for a 3D print company who can help with the design because I really want the model to be all with the same material. And if that doesn’t work I’ll just do a trial print with the blender bolts and hope for the best😂.


Have you looked at thingiverse or myminifactory? Or other 3D print based sites.
Apart from the free models you could have a look at, there is groups to check, join, and ask.
Your last comment seems to say you think you need to print the gasket… Not true.
Why have you not checked hardware suppliers for gaskets and added a slot in your bottle to fit one of them? Outdoor / hunting type places may have replacement gaskets for bottles. Just make sure it is for human use, and low pressure use. The high pressure use ones can be too rigid and allow leaks.

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Good idea! I indeed did not think of searching for 3D print forums. I’m not really that technical so I hadn’t tought of visiting those stores. Seemed like an easy project but it requires more research. I also saw a video on youtube that gave me an idea to change the type of lid so I’m now looking into that.

This is a video that shows a different type of lid that inspired me.
Somewhere at the end he shows a flexible 3D printed lid.

Thankyou for thinking along!

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Yes, you can. I 3D printed a bolt and nut (using Blender’s addon) but my tolerances were a bit too loose. However I am very sure that if you get the tolerances correct, you will certainly be able to make a container that can hold water. At least the resin version anyway. The layers of a 3D print tend to leak water, but the resin should work fine.

I am going to try it in two ways. One with the Blender bolt and nut but then designed as top and lid for the bottle. And the other method is with a bottle stopper idea, like a rubber plug with resin top. Design the plug mold in blender and then Print and coat, and then the pour of silicone.

Just wondering how to design the stopper the most effective way.:thinking: I’ve seen them with wrinkled surface and with smooth surface.
It will probably take a while but when I have it, I’ll share the results and how well they work.:pray:t4::grin:

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