3D Printed Alien Spider

This just finished a little bit ago, it comes from an old Q3 game. I imported with Blender, did a bit of editing, and printed on my 3D printer. Took about 20 hours (mainly due to the support material).

haha cool :smiley:
however, why are there splits in the legs??

It’s sort of a known problem, the whole body stopped at one layer and shifted backwards. I need to look up how to fix it.

I’m still new to 3D printing, got a lot to learn :spin:

must suck to spend hours 3d printing and then discover a split… :spin:

It’s actually not that bad. You spend like 20 minutes setting up the printer and then you just hit print. It can run all day and all night. If something fails then you’ve lost 20 minutes. Just spend another 20 minutes trying again. It doesn’t require active maintenance.

If a Blender project fails then it’s pretty annoying. You’ve logged hours trying to do something, and then it fails. Printing, well, I can always print again. The plastic filament is actually pretty cheap. But still, failure isn’t fun for anyone. :smiley:

interesting :slight_smile: i thought it was like a really long render…

A really long render with no texturing, materials, half the render settings, and almost no modeling :smiley:

Oh, and you can use your computer the whole time.