3D printed Babarian Ring

Hi everyone, this is my first post on blender artists :smiley:

i designed a ring a few weeks back and had it printed by Shapeways! Here it is.

If your interested heres a link

WAIT, can shapeways do metal? (or is that just reallly cool looking glass?!)

Shapeways does glass? I thought they did that weird cornstarch stuff!

He probably printed it in that white chalk stuff then spray painted it.

this is stainless steel :slight_smile: shapeways has done this material for the last few months… its really cool… but they do glass aswell :slight_smile:

haha, we all got the answer we wanted :slight_smile:
Excelllent work btw!

They also do (or did) gold plated stainless steel. But it might not
be offered now as it was just a temporary material.

ye the gold plated stainless steel is awesome! but they only had it on for a limited time :frowning:
and thanks keith!