3d printed camera/microscope adapter

This is a little project i did some time ago, basically it’s a “adapter” for connecting a camera (in my case a sony slt) up a microscope tube.

I know, from the photo looks very ugly, miracles of flash and close up :smiley:

Here a couple of problems i had that you can avoid:
a wall of the adapter was some half millimeter too much thick, becouse of that was very hard to insert to the camera slot and i had to file/shave the excess;
the plastic was white and kind of translucid: some light coming from the external ambient was disturbing the camera sensor, so i had to cover the surface with black opaque paint(you can notice some paint went off…).

Well, later i realized that the lens of the microscope i have are not the best in the market, here a sample photo, it’s a letter o from a piece of paper, height 3mm:

directly from the camera (all pictures have been downscaled around 3x)

another one, just the microscope light and all the lens “defects”, used later for postprocessing:

edited: mixed the two up (the “empty” photo have been desaturated) with a “extract grain” filter in Gimp

Maybe in the next days i will post some more interesting subjects :slight_smile:

Very interesting.
I’m curious. How do you make designs have the right measurements, since Blender is not a CAD?

In Scene properties you can set your unit system

The adapter was modeled at scale 1:1, the most important tool in this case was the edge lenght info in the viewport n panel: from that seems like Blender precision goes until 1um, more than enough for 3d print.

Another couple of photos (CombineZP for focus stacking, then downscaled the resolution by 3x, details are not that sharp :frowning: ) this time the subject is a snail shell with diameter around 3mm:

3mm diameter? Pretty good.
For more details you could try GIMP Unsharp Mask, perhaps applying twice with the default settings.

Just tried that, is working, the image seems like more “attractive”.

Here a video some of you may find a bit disgusting (but you can enjoy at 1080p, even if youtube brings down the quality a little), just a plant aphid/insect moving his legs, size was around 1mm:

Anyway, now is better if i’ll stop spamming images not really related to 3d and Blender :o …