3D Printed company Mascot

Had some printer issues but all in all, straight forward. Some notes

  • Print is separate pieces
  • use cleaner topology before booleans

looks pretty good, but I have a couple of suggestions: around the crevices like the edges of the eyes, go in with a thinned dark paint, for an effect similar to ambient occlusion. if the paint is the right runniness, it should collect naturally toward where it needs to be most. also, on something small as this, it can be helpful to use a magnifying device, such as a jewelers visor, or maybe a strong pair of reading glasses, to keep your strokes tight. another thing you can do, is go over the whole thing with a thinned black paint, and then build back up the lighter regions selectively. ( edit ) I have done a lot of this type of painting btw, so trust me a bit. :slight_smile: