3d printed wedding rings


We have just received our 3d printed “test” wedding rings from Shapeways.

As we weren’t sure how they will turn out (our first 3d print) we started with “bronze” version. As they turned out pretty well we will go for something more “precious” soon.

About our first 3d printing experience. Uploading model (designed by my fiance :slight_smile: ) took only 2 tries. In the first try rings were a little bit to flat for the engravings (easy fix). The second try was successful. Shapeways has pretty easy to use and understand model correctness-check(?) tools. Printing + delivery took 14 days (Poland). We missed a little bit our finger size. Turned out models should be a little bit smaller than expected (but that’s way we started with “test” version).

Using Blender for designing model was obviously enjoyable and easy. Boolean modifier was especially useful :).

To sum it up it’s amazing that nowadays you can design something so easily in 3d (thank you Blender developers for your hard work!) and make it “come to life” without much effort.


The image is a photo of the physical rings, not a CG rendering right? :slight_smile:
Good work! I’ve printed a ring myself and did not get as clear engravings as you did (still assuming that’s a photo).
Anyway, congrats for the beautiful rings and on on the wedding as well, I guess :wink: