3D printer advice

Hi all,
I wasn’t sure exactly where to put this question on the forum so I apologize if I put it in the wrong place.
I am looking to print some things, from little figures to even a set of overlay fangs on someone’s teeth (never too early to plan for Halloween…lol).
I have checked on Amazon and saw a few and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation or advice. As for price, I’d love to stay under $500 if that’s possible.


Search for " elegoo mars " You will want to get a resin 3d printer as opposed to
a FDM printer.

Great. Thanks for the advice.

The 3d printer I have is a wanhao. It comes pre-assembled for the most part and it may not be beginner friendly but it does have a lot of build space for the price and most of the printer is metal so what’s to hate about that.

For sexy bottom layers, I highly suggest an Ender 3 with a glass bed. The Ender 3x is a less well-known model that comes with a glass bed and extra nozzles. They’re available in the UK from Technology Outlet (a reputable retailer); this is where I got mine, along with filament (very nice). Given that I live on the other side of the world from their warehouse, shipping was extremely fast. The Ender 3x produces excellent prints almost right out of the box, prints smoothly, and has a large community behind it (check out r/Ender3) since it is a very successful printer due to its incredible value. I would strongly suggest it.
I chose this sublimation printer at printerhow for myself. If you decide to go with the printer and need assistance, please send me a message, or if you want a more personalized approach to choosing a printer, I am happy to share my 3+ years of experience with multiple brands.