3D printer animation

So I am trying to make an animation of an obejct being 3D printed my question is can I slice or fake the slicing in blender and make the 3D printer head follow layer by layer the outline of the obejct and also if it had the fill in of the 3D printed object visible that would be awesome. I dont know how to code so it kinda hard

The Prusa Slicer lets you slice and then export the toolpath as an OBJ which you could import easily to Blender. But that will give you something like this

The only way I can think of you simulating the actual printing of something from start to finish would be to have the gcode as a path in Blender, or create a curve in Blender that would trace the movement of the nozzle. You’d give the curve a suitable thickness and give it a Build modifier to have it revealed over time

There is a Gcode importer addon that let’s you animate the printing path with a build modifier.

Dude that is so cool I will definitely try that out.