3D Printer. creality S5

Hi !


Long story short. While back I bought an XYZ printer, it was very care free and I learned to use it so that I would not need any tape or such. Just modelled something in Blender, double checked measurement , and printed out. I made stuff like few useful car replacement parts (1 that is) and an pencil holder where I got carried away with design

Well , after xyz started to give trouble on me I got this reality s5 , It has been just waiting for use, but as to me it is not easy as xyz , I just want to get rid of it from taking up space.
I did consider eBay or amazon, checking if I can sell it there

What problems do you have with it? I have 4x Creality Ender 3’s and I primarily use Blender for designing quick things

Thanks for asking.

I will got to take video or photo of what it does. It kind of just makes a mess of plastic, like it doesn’t stick or the plastic is no good that came with it (Frontierfila). 1.75mm + - 0.05 mm
But I really don’t know, I take a photo after morning coffee

It printed out nothing, so I changed plastic to the one that was in XYZ printer , maybe , well, SOMETHING , will happen anyways

The quality of the plastic can have a significant impact.

However, often correct levelling of the bed is required to print properly, and often the springs that came with the Creality printers (that hold up the bed) are too weak and dont hold the same position after a while, leading to the bed unlevelling

Thank you again for getting me to try again if the Creality is of any use, I just might stick on printing stuff a some

The problem really seems to be now the flow of plastic, if just manually did output it , I could change settings and see what makes it work

No worries! You mean that the flow doesn’t come at all or is less than its meant to be?

There are a few reasons this can be the case;

  • Is the temperature correct for the filament? Too low and it can struggle or fail to push the filament through.
  • Is the bed too close to the nozzle? If so you will hear a clicking sound as it tries to push filament through.
  • Most likely: The extruder spring has gone weak and needs replacing, its one of the parts I replace straight away. That should be located in the picture as shown below:
    You can test by pushing the extruder arm (1) n the direction indicated so that the circled part is pushing tight against the extruder gear. If this force isn’t strong enough it can’t grip the filament.