3D Printers are making functioning firearms

After just watching the Today show this morning over coffee, I was kind of shocked to see some nut-jobs out there have distorted the intended use of 3D printers and are making functioning handguns with them. It’s no secret that plastic guns have been out there for quite-a-while, but up to now were not readily available to your average fanatic that wants to breach a security check-point with them. It looks like maybe some regulation is in order to make the material( the hardened plastic ) much harder to get or something. It’s pretty sad that a tool for making beautiful art could be twisted into something so ugly.
Any thoughts?

People have used drills, lathes, hammers or pretty much any other tool known to mankind to make weapons. Using a 3D printer to do the same is neither shocking nor surprising.

It’s usually how technology goes. First thing people think to do with anything is make boobies or weapons.

The story has been around for a while. Last time I paid attention the guy only had a functioning receiver (think that’s what it’s called, I know nowt about guns) and ammo clip. In fact I believe he made the plans free to download. Plus it only lasted a couple hundred rounds then the plastic failed. But that was a while back

I take it that he has finished it then?

How have the distorted the intended use of 3D printers?..

Okay perharps this makes it easier for the workshop challenged to print out a functional gun. But dude if you had a milling machine and a lathe you could have done this since God knows how long and probably with better tolerances.

Now because a gun has been printed instead of machined cue hassy fits, gasps and shocks. This has changed nothing now lets get back to life.

Yep, this isnt new news persay. Defense Distributed has been at it for awhile, and if you listened to the guy behind it…hes far from being a “nut job”. He’s a young lawyer who is bringing something to the table in a fashion that reflect both constitutional and libertarian ideologies. If he didnt do it, someone else would have. Its inevitable that weapons would come out of 3d printing along with everything else.

Handmade guns are easy to make and cheap. There are people who have made handguns from anywhere from $5-20 of common material. So we shouldnt get all creeped out when someone makes guns parts from a 3d printer.

Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Never forget that. You dont need a gun to do damage to another. Cars kill more people than guns do in the US. The boston bombers used pressure cookers filled with common explosive material and nails to make a deadly device. In two of the most restrictive gun cities and states in the US, gun violence is at their highest, where as where the laws are the loosest the violence is at its lowest. A lot of gun violence numbers include those committing suicide, and we all know you dont need a gun to do that, it might be the most painless though.

So all you need is perspective. 3D printing is a new technology, a new form of evolution in what man can do and it will change the entire manufacturing landscape. For good and bad, we adapt and hopefully dont rush to start banning and regulating such growth.

@ tyrant monkey: If you really have to ask how they’ve distorted the intended use then I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve lived in the Detroit area for over 35 years, and have a few weapons for home protection. None of them are plastic, and there’s only one reason to want to have a plastic weapon. If you need pictures for clarification, Google “Twin Towers”.

I think you are missing the point GLakie. The reason this concept is taking off is not because of hiding fire arms from scanners, but because there is a severe political agenda to remove firearms from the hands of the public altogether, despite the 2nd amendment. The first thing any dictator or collectivist oligarchy does is disarm those they want to have power over. The US wouldnt have been able to gain independence from Britian if they didnt have the ability to fight back. So, from our cultural standpoint, it has more to do with accessibility and fear of regulation or demonetization by a political power with its roots in fabian socialism than anything else.

Yes it does change the nature of the game so to speak, but this was going to happen regardless, unless we ban all 3d printers…and that wont happen nor should it.

I would be very surprised if the major weapons manufacturers are not already researching and developing 3d printing techniques.

I think you missed my point so perhaps I should approach it in a different manner. If you wanted to make a plastic gun before this printed gun came into existence you could have done so with the more older less sexy milling and lathing machine and would have ended up with a better weapon with CNC tools it will have been just as easy once you have viable blueprints.

I think what has changed the equation here is not 3D printing itself but freely available files that allow you to print out a gun.

I am curious as to why people are obsessed with guns though, perhaps its because I grow up in a country with zero gun culture I just don’t get it. Then again I am obsessed with cars so each to his own I guess.

I, in fact, think 3D printers are a wonderful thing, and would not want to see them banned in any way. I just thought having access to the plastic that’s hard enough to make a functioning firearm isn’t necessary. Also, taking away 2nd Amendment rights is something that will never happen, nore would I want it to. Those factions in our government that you say are trying to take all the weapons away, know they’ll fail. It’s just political posturing. I was born and raised in Northern MI and have some friends in the Militia, so you see, however futile it may seem, I’d just like to see it made more difficult for terrorists to get their hands on plastic guns.

We all have our pointless hobbies that scare others :slight_smile:
I’m a homebrewer, and alcohol kills many times more people than cars and guns combined (at least where I live - war zones may have different statistics). I don’t own guns, I don’t want to own a gun, but I’ll let others have and shoot their guns, as I want them to let me make and drink beer.

@skw you brew your own beer, damn I need a new hobby.

LOL! I make homemade wine when I’m not bitching about the current state of affairs in the world.

one wine maker, one beer brewer okay where are the moonshiners hiding. I know you are out there…

See, I make beer while bitching about the current state of affairs in the world. Then I drink beer while doing 3D.

I loved how this topic shifted to home brew lol. Any Sake makers out there? Cultivating rice mold isnt easy.

Well, moonshine is an outdoor recipe that requires too much work and Sake, like you say, is a difficult proposition at best.

The shift to beer I think is better, the weapon and 2nd Amendment discussion is way to loaded with emotions and less focused on some rational facts - decisions.

We allow beer and wine but ban hard drugs for a reason. As cool as 3D printing is think about the consequence for a sociaty when everybody who gets a printer could create weapons, even when they are currently only single shot.

Some common sense and less ideological paranoia might be of use.

I am not sure if I should feel sad, laugh, or cry when reading this:

Beer certainly is better, but you did follow it with more or less the same subject regarding guns.

I agree sentiment is something we need to get away from and look at both rational thought and objective information.

Unfortunately , sentiment is whats leading many to blame guns rather than people, while implying that some how more guns means more anarchy and violence. Objectively, that simply just isnt true.

In the 1980s, a little town in Georgia known as Kennesaw passed an ordinance requiring every head of household own and maintain a firearm. At the time, the news agencies said it was going to result in anarchy, that there would be wild west shootouts in the streets and violence would spread. All that fear mongering did was paint a strong contrast to what actually happened. Kennesaw saw two things happen after that gun ordinance passed… their population skyrocketed and their crime rate dropped below the national average. No matter what, opponents of firearms refuse to acknowledged this because it doesnt fit the a) agenda and b) confirmation bias. If we took out all political pandering and just looked at the neutral objective information, we would see guns acting more as a deterrent to gun violence than the encourager of such violence.

When we look at cities which put forth the most strict and draconian gun laws and regulations, their crime rates ended up being the highest in the nation. These are just facts we cant get around.

Both sides of the political spectrum have a bad habit of looking the other way when it comes to inconvenient facts, and thats something we need to get away from, not just in the US but internationally as well. The truth should have no agenda. Ayn Rand gets a lot of flack for her free market beliefs but she is spot on no matter what anyone says when it comes to the philosophy of objectivity.

I do not think that being able to manufacture weapons with a 3d printer will cause pandemonium and chaos. Guns and 3d printers are today’s Y2K. Its not logical to fear the gun, but it is to fear the individual who wants to do another harm.